Wednesday, October 19, 2011


No book/musical posts today. Not even a kittens one, but the other important pet. The puppy.

My baby puppy Shadow passed away this morning back in Southern California at around 10 year old. That's 70 something in doggy years so it was a nice long life with cuddles and food and walks. 

She'd been having a rough time of it the past few weeks, but seemed to be getting better the last couple of days. Her last week saw homemade chicken and Spanish rice meals and she went quietly and painless in the morning so at least she was spared months of suffering and got good eats.

I picked Shadow out at the pound for her pretty brown eyes, shiny fur, and the fact that she wagged her whole body instead of just her tail. She turned out to be more of an unbiased, friendly-to-everyone family dog rather than MY dog but that was OK, because it was what we needed. 

For the first few years, she would get so excited about new friends that she peed. Not fun for us exactly, but how's that for a welcome.  

If she got the chance she would run and run and run, and if you chased her, well then more fun for her. 

She always smiled with her eyes (obv. a fan of America's Next Top Model) and would wag her tail politely when I interrupted her sleep to scare away the ghosts in my room.  

She will be missed.

Love you, Shadow Baby. 

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