Monday, October 17, 2011

April 30th, 2011 - Vanities: A New Musical

April was a busy month in the Seattle musical world.

And they were all based on a non-musical moive/play that was written before. Vanities: A New Musical was originally just the play Vanities which ran 6 years Off Broadway and was made into an HBO special in 1981.

The entire cast is 3 women and you see them grow from high school to college to late 20's to late 30s.

The musical was pretty cool. The 5th Avenue Theatre collaborated with the ACT theatre in Seattle so that they both produced it, and you could buy tickets at both, but it was performed at one of the ACT stages (there are three I think?) They had built a set beneath the stage and each act was a conversation at some point of their lives between the 3 women, so whenever they changed scenes cool stuff would raise from below. In between acts the women would change into their older costumes on stage while singing kind of a slow kind of theme song.

I'm kind of a sucker for musicals with 3 main female characters because I have two cousins around my age and we would always divide up roles with 3 female lead shows. I was Pru in Charmed. Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels, and Jody in Center Stage. I'm pretty sure I would be Kathy here. The uptight, driven one in high school who loses all ambition right after college.

Anyway, the theater was very small and was probably the closet I'd been to a stage ever, which makes me slightly uncomfortable but grew on me as the performance went on. And while the whole cast was awesome, Billie Wildrick was outstanding and showed up later for Guys and Dolls.

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  1. OMG I LOVE Center Stage!!! I was seriously obsessed with Jodie for years, in an embarrassing way haha!

    This sounds like a good show!