Monday, October 17, 2011

April 17th, 2011 - 9 to 5: the Musical many of you liked 9 to 5 the movie.

Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan. And you know how A Christmas Story the Musical totally made me <3 the story despite my hatred of the movie? Yeah, the musical (the only kind of official link I found for them was for their facebook page) is pretty much exactly like what I remember from the movie.

Here's the deal behind it, Dolly Parton took her big break and wrote some more songs to make a musical. And I'm not going to lie, I've rocked out to Dolly Parton before. But for whatever reason I thought this was overdone. Like what I imagined musicals based on Disney movies to be like - too committed to being like the movie. (I learned later this year that I was wrong about Disney musicals)

They even had a projection of a giant Dolly Parton head up on a constantly moving clock to narrate the show. Which I thought was cheating. Usually I'm good with technological advances in musicals, I don't mind parts of Phantom probably being recorded because it's impossible to live sing some of it, I don't mind backdrops being projections and not painted and moving...I do mind Dolly Parton's face being emblazoned above the stage, apparently.

This was kind of meh for me. I don't remember any of the songs other than the main "9 to 5" theme and I liked how they staged the scene where they get high and fantasize about killing their boss, but as a whole it wasn't super memorable for me.

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