Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Award thingy

Shauna, from The Awesomes was mean and nominated me for a Blog Award so here it goes :)

So, here's the rules:
1. I post 7 random facts about me.
2. Thank the person who nominated you in your post (check)
3. Put the Liebster blog button in your post. (check)
4. Nominate your 5 favorite bloggers with less than 200 GFC followers.
5. Let them know that you nominated them

Random Facts:
1. I dislike jay-walking intensely. Not because it's illegal (like most people think) but because if I get hit, it'll totally be my fault and I don't want some driver to have to live with that. Conversely, if someone does hit me I want to be able to haunt them guilt-free. :)  However if it's night and I'm in a scary place then jay-walking trumps  standing on a street corner looking like a victim. Always
2.  I bleed  blue and gold. My parents met at UCLA and still work there today, I went there, and my brother now goes there. UCLA for life. 
3. I stayed up all night to finish Pride and Prejudice and as soon as it was done I picked it up and read it again. I did the same thing for the Kiera Knightly version of the movie (sorry the soundtrack to that was so amazeballs!)  
4. I haven't updated my blog since March. I don't deserve an award! 
5. I went to a leadership conference in middle school where I realized I never ever want to lead people (still end up doing it a lot anyway)
6. I like the organic nature of the team coming together
7. I'm weird about what foods I like. There is no consistency about why I don't like certain things. I like flavor (except for things like cilantro). I'm weird about texture (but like sushi which is a shit ton of different textures combined). Will sometimes try new things and will sometimes hate you for making me try something i'm unfamiliar with. It's weird. I stopped trying to figure it out.

I'll include the nominations in the comments because I have to go look for blogs I follow that won't kill me/intensely ridicule me. :) 

Except for Shauna's other blog, Our Emerald City which is seriously awesomesauce you guys. It makes me super jealous and almost inspires me to do things.

Thanks Shauna!!!!! This was super-duper fun.