Sunday, July 8, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 8

Thank you for all the wonderful Birthday Messages guys! I really appreciate it! Now on to today's post.

Day 8: Describe "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of yourself

The Good

I am really good at accepting all the hiccups in life, saying "C'est la vie",  and moving on and not looking to blame someone else. Sometimes things just happen.

I'm an overachiever and will continually go the extra mile for friends/clients/strangers. 

I love reading! I feel like it helps me be empathetic with other people and situations that I would not normally understand.

According to my cousin "I'm a crazy fast typist".

The Bad

I let people take advantage of me, but I know they're doing it and let it happen anyway. And  then I decide that I'm never really going to like them.

I don't make the effort to be really good friends with more than 5 people at once. I like people, and I'm nice but once I have a good friend I'm like...I don't really need another one. So thanks Shauna, you filled my quota. 

   The Ugly

I can be really fretful about things that I'm not sure of yet. If I'm running late, I worry about it (like tap my foot/stomp my feet worry) until I"m actually late and then after that I'm like "what's another 15 minutes"

I have no idea how to do my hair/make up. Sometimes it works/ sometimes it doesn't

It takes me MONTHS to work up the nerve to go to a hair stylist. I hate small talk. I also usually go to students because then I don't have to commit to going back to them.


  1. I'm not too amazing at hair, either. I'm not a really girly person in that department! I usually try to stick to a few close friends as well. ><

  2. haha, I've never met anyone else who hates going to get their hair cut/done/colored, whatever. I get my hair cut maybe twice a year, and sometimes I do it myself because I so don't want to go. And I never go back to the same person twice. That's probably annoying...
    And the weird thing is I'm starting school to become a hair stylist! At least then I'll never have to go back since I'll be able to cut my own hair! :P