Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 5

Alright so I'm back on schedule!


Day 5: If you could have dinner with any five people, who would they be?

So I'd want to have all three of these guys at one dinner. And yes, I'm about to completely nerd out over here. You have been warned.

1. Augustus - So yeah, I was a classics minor (shoulda been major) who loved Roman classical history.  Augustus, aka Octavius Caesar, gets a lot of crap about being some little whiney upstart with good publicity. (And he might have been, I don't know because I've never met him.) But this little whiney upstart also united all of Rome after his uncle Caesar went and pissed off some people and made his BFFs have to kill him which bothered them so much that they committed suicide. So I want to meet someone who can bring a whole empire out of that kind of negative thinking. I think that would be awesome.

 Plus, isn't he super cute in this sculpture?

2.  Ovid - Ovid's Metamorphoses is amazeballs if you've taken Professor Butler's class on it, or if you're a very astute reader. There are so many layers, I can't even think about it without getting excited. Augustus, however, had a problem with Ovid and exiled him from Rome for "mysterious" reasons. I think it would be cool to sit them  down at a table together to get to the bottom of their falling out and maybe mediate a reconciliation.

3.  William Shakespeare - Good ol' Will Shakespeare was inspired by both of these men (Octavius Caesar appeared in a couple of his plays and Ovid's story of Philomela is laced throughout Shakespeare's most bloody tragedy, Titus Andronicus.) I'd like him to see what they were both really like. (I'd also like to see what all three were really like.) Plus I think he would coin a bunch of awesome phrases throughout dinner that I could use around my friends later. And I would teach him both awesomesauce and amazeballs. I feel like he would like those.

4. Sydney Carton - So I haven't read this in awhile, but Sydney Carton is a character from A Tale of Two Cities. To refresh your memory/introduce you, Sydney was the one to say "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done;..."and he says that when he deliberately takes the place at the guillotine for a heroic but unfortunate stranger that happens to look like him. He dies in the book. I think he deserves a "you're a good guy" meal.

5. Woodrow Wilson - Only the best President ever!

So yeah, that was my super geeky list. I can no longer pretend to be cool.


  1. I'd love to have dinner with number 4 too. I love A Tale of Two Cities.

  2. I love how you picked Good old Woodrow Wilson!!

    I would choose JFK!! Haha