Wednesday, July 11, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: What is one thing that you would never change about yourself.

Personality-wise: I think I'm a fairly patient and kind person (most would say too kind), especially to strangers. This backfires a lot on me, but I wouldn't want to avoid those situations if it means I have to be ruder/meaner/less open minded.

Physically: I'd never dye my hair. It's so pretty as it is, and no matter how much I want to cut it all off and dye it with streaks of blue/purple, I definitely won't seriously consider doing that until I start going grey. 

I'm excited to see what everyone else is writing.

Also, If you noticed I missed 10, I did.. I unintentionally worked myself into a really bad mood trying to think of a good one (and thus remembering all of my other humiliating experiences that weren't also adorably cute and funny) that I decided to cut my losses and bypass it. I'm sure as soon as this one is over, a perfect situation will come out and I might decide to revisit.


  1. Ha! I would have bypassed the embarrassing story if I was you too, if you couldn't have come up with anything you could share on the blog! Totally understandable.

    Also, love that you're patient. What a great quality to have!

    1. An especially great quality to have with Shauna as your bff!!!

      Alex...temporary die streaks...lets do it..

  2. I currently have (temp) hot pink streaks in my hair! :) I agree that it is better to be kind than not kind.