Sunday, July 15, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 15

It's the last one!!!!

How sad, now I'll have to go back to writing about books and things. Don't worry, I have quite a few to review from March so there should be a nice build up.

On to the challenge!

Day 15: What is the best compliment you've ever received.

So way back when, when I was still in high school, my mom's side of the family would come together and throw a massive Thanksgiving Dinner party for the city of Calistoga so that those without family or friends in the area at the time could enjoy the day as well at no cost.

The idea was born from my grandmother's soup kitchen, and the troops rallied and came forth. My mom's side of the family is fairly large, so we had a staff of anywhere from 18 to 27. 

For a year my job was to go around and help take orders/serve people but my Gramma got it into her head that there should be live music. Since I was the only one who diligently practiced for piano lessons and didn't suffer from crippling stage fright I got put in charge of that.

For at least a month before, I would carefully select/practice songs that weren't too depressing or too distracting, despite the fact that those tend to be my favorite songs to play and came easiest to me. The evening was about them and not me.

I received many compliments those nights (I was in a room full of grandparents, I could have been playing super badly and would have still gotten compliments) but by far my favorite one was when a little old lady came by in the middle of a song and told me that she enjoyed my playing and  really appreciated my song selections because it was perfect for the mood of the dinner - not too distracting but not completely bland either.

This meant a lot too me because it means she 1) payed attention for more than a song, 2) noticed something that I wasn't advertising (I wasn't like "guys, appreciate me because I"m NOT being "focus on me"  right now)  and 3) approached me during a song I knew well so I could talk to her and pay attention and not stop playing.

We don't do those Thanksgiving Dinners as a family anymore, the event was taken over by other members in the community, but those were very fun times in my life and I appreciate my Gramma  so much for making it happen and my family for being game to do it.

I know that was long, but hopefully you got a good feeling from it! I'm glad I found some new blogs to follow and got to know some older faves better!

Have a great July!


  1. I've always wanted to have any musical talent whatsoever, but alas, I can't even hold a tune. Regardless, love that you're so talented to be able to play while receiving the compliment!

  2. Just found your blog; so cute! I'm a music gal myself ;) Nice to meet ya!

  3. That is so freaking adorable and wonderful of your family!!