Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 1

Hi world! So, in case you haven't noticed, I've kinda maybe stopped posting. Don't worry guys, I'm still reading and singing up here in the awesome Pacific Northwest. I just got tired of writing about it. To rejuvenate myself a little, I'm going to link up with Sar over at Life of Love for her 15 Day Challenge.

Hopefully I'll continue with the book reviews and musicals from there!

(also I changed my blog name! what!)

Day 1: List 15 fun facts about yourself!

1.  I moved from Los Angeles to Seattle on a whim. I knew I needed to get out of L.A. and the only thing stopping me from throwing a dart at a map was my friends random comment of "I can totally see you in Seattle".

2. My short term (like 10-15 week) memory is stellar. After that, if I don't use it it gets locked in some filing cabinet in my head and I have yet to find the master key.

3. I love swimming but I am terrified of flying insects. Unfortunately, most bodies of water have this super crazy habit of attracting bees and mosquitos and June Bugs, etc.

4. I went to Space Camp when I was 11. It was awesome. We built rockets. Sorry, I'm fun.

5. I pronounce psuedo as "suede - o" and brusque like "brush" with a k instead of an h. Apparently, I learned to read faster than I learned to talk.

6. In all of Aaron Sorkin's TV shows, there is a character I would happily marry if they were real. He gives me hope that a guy for me is out there (Here's to you, Dan Rydell, Joshua Lyman, Danny Tripp, and Jim Harper). On the flip side, I don't really identify with any of his female characters.

7. When I first read Pride and Prejudice (and it was totally because Meg Ryan raved about it in You've Got Mail) I stayed up all night reading and then when I finished, I immediately opened it up to start it over again.

8. While I did the same in number 7 with Jane Eyre, After the third re-read I realized that Mr. Rochester was really messed up and the book was never the same for me again.

9. I hate the telephone. I love communicating with people, but there's something about talking through a telephone that is so disconnecting (in my opinion, much more than in text or chats).

10. I've wanted to be (in this order) a detective, President, a librarian, a lawyer, a teacher, Chief of Staff to the President, a detective , and a teacher. Who'd a thunk that I love my job as a Data Analyst.

11. My favorite movie is Megamind.

12. I don't know how to drive. I have a sense that if I learn, I'm going to accidently kill someone, and since I don't think I'd be able to handle that I decided not to learn.

13. I'm in a band called A.K.A with my cousins, Angela and Kelly. We've never performed anything, but staying up that one night writing songs was fun and we never officially disbanded.

14. My favorite Harry Potter was the third one. The introduction of Sirius Black and Reamus Lupin sparked so many imagination branches that I was entertained for many a road trip.

15. Sometimes, I like the movie better than the book.


  1. I love that you went to space camp. Totally envious.

    I've never known anybody who wanted to be the Chief of Staff for the President, so I love that it was your goal at one point.

    I think I liked Goblet of Fire best. Sometimes, anyway.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I didn't know you went to space camp!! Awesome!!

  3. OHMYGOSH love the You've Got Mail reference. Favorite movie ever.

    The third HP is my favorite too, and the fifth. I think it's because those two have the most about the Marauders. I bought the British version of the third when I studied abroad. :)